DAY 4 of NO SUGAH (3/27/15)

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well, GET HARD sucked. i’m serious. if you saw the preview, you saw it. kevin hart was great, but will ferrell fell flat. which was such a shock! usually i can count on will to keep me rollin!

i’m on a plane, and the clouds look like ribs. nature repeats patterns. what is it about humans, we see things as beautiful? hmmm.

this morning the thick brownies were looking pretty beautiful at bad wolf bakery. that’s where kyle and i went, after an indolent morning of black coffee and writing at home. but i wasn’t there for brownies, i was there for breakfast, and sugar-free and flour-free, at that.

the breakfast menu at bad wolf is nothing short of decadent. thankfully, there were plenty of tasty options that excluded flour and sugar. AND YET, for whatever reason, the biscuits kept calling my name. i could imagine how pudgy, moist, and pull-apart they’d be. i told them i’d be back. in thirty days. or not. the thing is, i’m grateful for the automatic process of exclusion that is set in place with my new sugar-free, flour-free lifestyle. it forces so many other yummy options to surface.

i got the breakfast burrito, sans flour tortilla, subbing out russet potatoes for sweet potatoes. i have a thing for sweet potatoes. go figure. it’s kind of like saying “sugar starch,” to say sweet potato. but it’s all relative, baby, and sweet potatoes ARE allowed in my meal plan.

so i made love to them.

yes, it was a good breakfast. and i’m glad i didn’t have to have a fight with the brownies and scones (should or i shouldn’t i, should i or shouldn’t i?) yeah. that discussion is gone.

instead, i sat there with my lovely kyle and we talked about trips we’d take and misadventures we’d have and how we are so surprised and lucky we found each other after all, and what a blessing. adoring gazes. we ARE that in-love-looking couple you wonder about.

kyle is doing no-sugar as well. it’s bad-ass to have him in company. he’s doing it a day at a time, which means he has no 30 day goal—just is trying it out. i’m adopting his mentality, and liking it.

had to turn down the sexy pretzel snack mix, in flight. was tempted for two seconds.

hope i can find some sexy meat at my lay-over in seattle. yeah!

signing off ’til day five, still staying alive.

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