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there was never enough time during the day to figure out what the stars were for. so she left it to the nighttime. but every time the nighttime rolled around, the question was gone. it was there, but it wasn’t there in the way that it had been. it was there in the sense that […]

DAY 30 whoo-wha!

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you know, i didn’t do a perfect job. i did not do a perfect job. but i tried. and i learned some stuff, in my 30 days of no sugar. one is, i am happier without sugar. two is, i learned that when i put down the sugar, i am more apt to pick up […]

DAY 10 of keeping on (4/2/15)

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i woke up feeling small today. it was the best feeling. small, as in, i can exist in the new day and the big world, without feeling panicked or worried or rushed or “important” about the million things that creep up my neck, announcing their “needing-to-do-ness.” on my morning walk, i announce my smallness by […]