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there was never enough time during the day to figure out what the stars were for. so she left it to the nighttime. but every time the nighttime rolled around, the question was gone. it was there, but it wasn’t there in the way that it had been. it was there in the sense that she had missed it, again—the time to wonder what the stars were for.

her goal was to get in bed early, so she could wake up at 6:30 and tell the world what the stars had done to her heart overnight, and how they are going to guide us all home. to tell the world that we ourselves, in fact, are made of star grit. so if we have issues with calculators or credit cards, there may be other ways to deal with these issues.

it begins with walks, she is quite sure of this.

today was the one day in 35 that she had a chance to reach the stars. the sun was out briefly, in-between the cold spells of rain and hail at the end of April. she was sick of the cold. but, no matter. whatever it took to get out, and see the swans.

the swans were the ones who had the way of indifference, along the river. she dreamed of this.

indifference to the cost or the pain of life. just gladness to be in it, and a peace that said “i’ll take whatever it gives me, because to ask for more is to ask for misery.”

except for the sparkling secrets and movements of the heart. these, one must ask for more of. and from.

now the hail is haling in the sunshine, as she types.

what a blessed day—awakening, knowing the day would be her own to do with as she pleased. why, then, did she not feel all pleased? probably frightened to not find it. the scratch to the itch. most other days are tainted with work schedules and places to be or people to see. these constructs—a salvation of sorts. but, distracting from the real . . .

the real question haunting her heart, lately—who would she be NOT in a scheduled/constructed world? this is the creature she longs to bring out. under the sun. in the light of the stars.

this is the creature she wants playing on the river bank, and mediating on the couch, and making meals out of vegetables and meat, and avoiding those brownies, and sitting at the type writer to say things.

the things to say, she’ll figure out.


love this–a song dealing with attending and rest, delivered so eloquently by East Forest in  “10 Laws.”

Always see the dangers first.
Always protect your feet.
Always be ready for cold.
Always be ready for heat.
Always know where good water or source is.
Always master the skills necessary.
Always get the job done.
Always know your place.
Always disallow foolishness.
Always rest whenever you can.


  1. Kyle
    May 15, 2015

    I love the writing and imagery in this one! I want to be a more wild – unscheduled creature and know the stars. Strong work. -k

    • dranita
      May 27, 2015

      hey beautiful, thank you for this. i saw the stars in your eyes this weekend.


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