The view (while she was chewing gum)

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paris. paris paris paris. i am going to paris. it has been some time. saving for this trip. and dreaming of it. now that it is upon me, i feel not ready. i have learned not nearly enough of the french i thought i would. but i have learn how to say “sorry,” and “where […]

escape to the forest

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there i was, in the forest. i had to get away. i was at the writer’s camp, at Esalen. i had been soaking up and running away from all the egos and advice and comparison of writing from one person to the next. the hot tubs had done their thing with me. i needed a […]


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we all of us wish to be held. hafiz has this poem that essentially says, why don’t you be the one person with BIG MOON EYES who sees the other person and says, “you matter.” here it is: With That Moon Language Admit something: Everyone you see, you say to them, “Love me.” Of course […]

Sage advice for healing from food addiction, with Alanis Morisette

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Alanis Morisette has become a woman of deep wisdom, in addition to her amazing contributions in music. She continues to work hard on herself, and share with others. here, she shares sage advice in the arena of food. blessings.

On emotional eating, with Geneen Roth

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I found this article to be super helpful! Author of New York bestseller Woman Food and God, Geneen Roth, writes about how emotional eating stalls our healing. We can get through emotions, without excess food, and come out stronger/more whole. “If you are like most people, you are starving not for food, but for attention–your […]

relax, “skinny-bitch.”

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a few weeks ago i took a fantastic workshop at esalen, called “hurtling toward wholeness.” i learned a few things. some of them i’m using, most i’ve forgotten. here’s one i’m trying especially hard to remember: we learned that “parts of the self” can eclipse the “true self.” the true self is your authentic core—the […]

what i want

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thinking of appetite lately. on many accounts. some of it has to do with escape. i want more time off. from the milieu, the struggle. time off from being accountable. and i want more, to fill me up. i want time to brood in my bedroom and strum on my guitar. time to wake up […]

seeing “amy.”

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i wrote these musings after seeing the documentary, “amy.” it really touched me. 7/13/15. dear anita. amy winehouse died before i did. on july 23 2011. it was a rough year for both of us. i miss her. i never knew her. glimmers: depression:” yeah, i think its just what musicians have.” she meant artists. […]

pulling back

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in bikram: thinking about “pulling back,” the act of rising above my location, and placing my view on the things that matter to other people and the places and events that do not include me—-to give me a new perspective of my own world, a reprieve from personal worries. pulling back is the blessing of […]


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there was never enough time during the day to figure out what the stars were for. so she left it to the nighttime. but every time the nighttime rolled around, the question was gone. it was there, but it wasn’t there in the way that it had been. it was there in the sense that […]