DAY 30 whoo-wha!

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you know, i didn’t do a perfect job. i did not do a perfect job. but i tried. and i learned some stuff, in my 30 days of no sugar. one is, i am happier without sugar. two is, i learned that when i put down the sugar, i am more apt to pick up […]

DAY 10 of keeping on (4/2/15)

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i woke up feeling small today. it was the best feeling. small, as in, i can exist in the new day and the big world, without feeling panicked or worried or rushed or “important” about the million things that creep up my neck, announcing their “needing-to-do-ness.” on my morning walk, i announce my smallness by […]

DAY 5 of NO SUGAH (3/28/15)

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i did not get any meat in the airport. things were pretty much shut down during my layover in seattle, other than an open bagel shop. nope! i went to Hudson’s news and looked for some appropriate snacks. there was a shit-ton of chocolate this-and-that, and it was packaged in a sundry ways….almond roca, milk-choclate […]

DAY 4 of NO SUGAH (3/27/15)

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well, GET HARD sucked. i’m serious. if you saw the preview, you saw it. kevin hart was great, but will ferrell fell flat. which was such a shock! usually i can count on will to keep me rollin! i’m on a plane, and the clouds look like ribs. nature repeats patterns. what is it about […]

We go

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kyle and i are walking. it is a dank, cloudy morning in hood river. we had spent a cozy night in the old historic hotel down town. this morning, over a scrumptious scone breakfast at the hotel, he was sharing some of his ideas with me about the book he’s writing. it’s going to be a […]

the point of this blog

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this blog is for everyone; especially for those who have trouble with, and enjoy, food and life. i am a medical doctor, but i am also much more than that. here, i share the “anita simply human” parts of me. i share quite a bit about my struggles. i hope it helps you. it helps me to […]

The Devil of Checking

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after bikram today, i went for a walk along the river, near the old mill. there was ice along the edge of the river–huge slabs of it. the scene reminded me of alaska, it was so glacial-looking. some ice chunks had sharp ledges that were super thick, others fanned out into broad, thin edges, drawing the eye […]