Cosmetic Specialist

Dr. Henderson has been doing cosmetic injectables since 2013. It is her passion to safely enhance a client’s natural beauty. She offers Botox, Dysport, and a variety of Restylane and Juvaderm fillers. She works at two locations: Urban Beauty Bar and Bellissimo Body care.

Schedule an appointment with her directly at 541-977-7754, or with either spa at:

Urban Beauty Bar: 541-382-4800, 5 NW Minnesota Ave, #104, Bend OR 97701

Bellissimo Body Care: 541-633-7565, 600 NE Savannah Dr. #3, Bend OR 97701

Injectable Rates:

Dysport                                          $3.50/Unit

Botox                                              $11.00/Unit


Restylane                                      $550.00

Restylane Silk                              $600.00

Restylane Lyft                              $600.00

Juvaderm Ultra Plus XC            $600.00

Juvaderm Ultra XC                     $600.00

Juvaderm Voluma                       $800.00

Personal Coaching

Dr. Henderson’s approach to coaching is that each person knows his or her own best self. She understands that we all have barriers that keep us from living out of our best selves, including deceptive thought patterns and repetitive behavior. Dr. Henderson will help you identify the barriers that obstruct your path to living freely, and give you tools for making lasting change. She encourages her clients to celebrate tiny victories, which over time, add up to significant change.

Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Henderson tailors her approach to each individual, based on that persons’s specific goals, be it weight loss or more energy or wanting to attain maximum nutritional health. Her overall approach is based on a vegetable-rich, healthy protein/healthy fat diet. She advocates for minimizing grains and processed foods, which can be highly inflammatory in the system.  She believes that food can be a fun source of comfort and creativity in our lives, along with basic source of nourishment.

Addiction Counseling

Dr. Henderson has 12 years experience in counseling patients steeped in addictive cycles with alcohol, food, and drugs. She is skilled at  helping individuals recognize their addictive patterns, build motivation for leaving their drug of choice, and pave a path away from destructive behavior, towards HOPE. She has led SMART RECOVERY meetings and is well-connected in the recovery community in Central Oregon.